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There are many innovations in the plumbing industry today, but the tankless hot water system is certainly one of the most popular. With the ability to access heated water instantly, these innovative units are excellent for individuals and families alike. No one has to argue about running out of hot water anymore with one of these excellent systems. Best of all, tankless units are far more energy-efficient as well. Just talk to our team at JMP Plumbing Services for reliable tankless water heater services in McKinney.

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The Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Whether one is considering a water heater for the first time or seeking out a replacement, a tankless unit is an exceptional type. Even though tank models will get the job done, there are just so many advantages that come from switching to a tankless system. 

Some of the greatest benefits that one can reap by going tankless include:

  • Greater energy efficiency – Studies have found that tankless units can use energy at least 30% more efficiently than classic systems. This means they are also much better for the environment.
  • Greater convenience of space – Traditional tank models require a lot of storage space since they must hold up to 80 gallons of water at a time. In contrast, tankless water heaters are much more convenient to set up and store because of their smaller size. 
  • Extended lifespan – Without the large tank that is prone to corrosion, tankless water heaters can last a lot longer. Many of these models can endure at least 20 years. If they have thorough maintenance, they can last even longer in contrast to more traditional models. 

Can a Tankless System Really Help My Wallet?

Since the upfront cost of a tankless unit is more expensive than a traditional system, homeowners are sometimes hesitant to invest in one. It is important to remember, however, that a tankless unit is a financially prudent move. The great energy savings of these nonconventional models instantly translate to a lower utility bill every month. Because the parts last much longer, there is less of a chance that the parts will break down, requiring pricy parts. Moreover, manufacturers tend to offer longer warranties for tankless models, which adds even more value.

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How Maintenance Can Preserve a Tankless Water Heater 

Since tankless systems are much more simply built than conventional models, they do not require quite as much maintenance. However, a regular checkup from time to time will still allow the unit to keep operating at its best. By identifying minor issues from the start, our devoted technicians here at JMP Plumbing Services can help prevent them from developing into larger, more expensive repairs.

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