Plumbing Nightmares

help written in blood on shower curtain

Plumbing Nightmares

Oh yes, finally… HALLOWEEN!! My favorite holiday of the year! The one day a year that I put my imagination into overdrive and let my inner child run wild! The chance once again to dress up and pretend to be whatever or whoever I want to be in the moment – it’s just irresistible to me. No matter how old I get, there will always be something magical about taking on a new identity and exploring new roles, even if it is for just one night. And as long as I have the chance to let loose on Halloween, I will never stop loving this fantastical holiday! But I’ve squirreled away from my main topic, once again.

As a professional plumber, I've seen some nightmarish things. Things that would make your skin crawl. Things that would make you lose your lunch. Things that would make a normal person think twice about their career choices. But even though I've seen some pretty scary things, I still love my job. Why? Because I love fixing people's plumbing nightmares. And apparently, I’m good at it. Check out these scary situations.

*Warning: The following is not suited for everyone. Also, not all of the following are my pictures, credit given when due, but I didn’t really want you to see some of the stuff I’ve witnessed. Ugh, for real though.

The Medusa

Do NOT look her in the eye or you’ll turn to stone!

Photo: Courtesy of Structure Tech

Wow… where do I start? Shorter supply lines would definitely be less frightening - and the water pressure would be much better, too! But if it works for you, I’m not judging.

While this situation is not the norm, there are other reasons you could be having water pressure issues. Call JMP Plumbing and we’ll figure it out before This Nightmare on Elm Street becomes The Nightmare on (enter your street name here.)

Not another Bates Hotel shower scene

Photo: Courtesy u/idontreallylikecandy

Guess they never doodled a 3d box!

But seriously, something that is sure to strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned homeowners is a recurring sewer stoppage. These issues can have scary and disgusting consequences, like malfunctioning plumbing systems, bad smells, and flood damage. By taking proactive steps with the professionals at JMP Plumbing to address sewer stoppages before they happen, you can keep your home safe from scary plumbing catastrophes this Halloween and for years to come!

The Blob

Every scary movie enthusiast has at least heard of, if not seen, The Blob- the old school, black and white scary movie. I always thought it was just a movie, turns out it was a documentary!!

Photo courtesy of the interwebs- not sure who posted it

A leaky pipe usually has one of these common causes:

  • Malfunctioning cartridge
  • Corrosion or joint damage to the pipe
  • Cracked seals or pipes
  • Stubborn clogs
  • Excessive water pressure

Not matter the original cause, there are better options for a fix than using an entire bottle of expanding sealant. Give JMP Plumbing a call for a professional diagnosis. We can make a repair before The Blob moves in the wife and kids.


Photo courtesy of Aqua Plumbing Services, Chicago, IL area

We’ve all said it -- “It’s an easy fix, shouldn’t take more than an hour or 2, I’ll do it after I finish the dinner, do the dishes, walk the dog and put the kids to bed. Sure, easy.” “I can do it- next door Bob will help me out when he gets time.” “Don’t call a plumber, I’ll take care of it next weekend after I mow the lawn, get the oil changed in both of our cars and then watch the kids play their games.” You’ve got a lot on your plate. Why pile more on top? Call JMP Plumbing – we’re your “plumber near me.”

Keep in mind, Halloween starts the holiday season. If you’ve always wanted an outdoor grill, a back-up generator, a new bathtub or shower or tankless water heater – JMP Plumbing Services can get it installed before family and friends arrive for the holiday festivities. And what a great Christmas gift to give yourself and your family. JMP Plumbing Services – creating a new Gold Standard.